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Miitopia Central is an online collaborative knowledge base documenting any aspect related to Nintendo's Miitopia video game. This wiki was founded by Tired Blupi on June 16, 2023. Miitopia Central was first created on Miraheze, before it was migrated to WikiTide, then back to Miraheze, so it does not run any ads, is mobile-friendly, and is more security-aware. Being a wiki, anyone can start contributing information by clicking the "Edit" button on existing pages or the "Create" button on an empty page of a particular subject relevant to this wiki. Creating an account is also an option if one wants to be known. The MediaWiki help page may help new visitors/contributors navigate around the site or use the wiki's tools/features.

Important thing to note: Miitopia Central is a fan site and is not affiliated with Nintendo and its associates.

There is very little activity on this wiki as of this writing, so new contributions are appreciated!


Miitopia Central was created as an alternative knowledge base for Miitopia. Concerns about layout, readability, veracity, bias, and security resulted in the creation of this wiki on WikiTide/Miraheze. WikiTide/Miraheze is picked because it is free to use, runs on donations, and open-source. For a more personal reason, it is relatively easy to set up, thus helping to cover the personal lack of self-hosting experience.

Wiki name was relatively difficult to decide. The name is supposed to invoke its purpose as a knowledge base while still carrying the Miitopia branding. In the end, "Miitopia Central" was decided, after the Mii Central feature on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. The Mii Central is an online service where players can search for or look at Mii characters published in the Nintendo 3DS Miitopia servers as well as publish the Mii characters themselves. Miitopia Central is hoped to serve a similar service in the context of information related to the Miitopia video game where readers can find and read informative articles and editors can create, edit, or manage articles with ease. Thanks bluegreensnowman#0598 and Noobynoobnoob27#8620 for helping out with the name!


Main discussion related to Miitopia Central is in the Miitopia Central Wiki Discord server (Discord invite link).