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Miitopia Central is neither owned by nor affiliated with Nintendo or its associates in any way.

Miitopia Central makes no guarantee of validity[edit]

Miitopia Central is an open-content collaborative encyclopedia, so anyone with an internet connection and a World Wide Web browser may alter any content on this site. Therefore, it is not exactly guaranteed that any information on display is complete, accurate, or reliable.

That is not to say that one will not find valuable and accurate information on Miitopia Central; much of the time they will. However, Miitopia Central cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. The content of any given information may recently have been changed, vandalized, or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge regarding the game.

Copyrighted material[edit]

Miitopia Central contains materials that are copyrighted by Nintendo and third parties that have a direct relationship with Miitopia, whether it concerns the game itself or its marketing. Miitopia Central follows the fair use system under the US copyright law due to the wiki being created on WikiTide, which is based on the United States, prior to the Miraheze-WikiTide merger that resulted in the wiki being migrated back into Miraheze.

Due to the nature of the Mii characters presented, any Mii design's resemblance to real-life figures or non-Nintendo characters does not change the fact that the Mii by itself is owned by Nintendo. Unless stated otherwise, no third parties are involved in the design of the Mii characters depicted on screenshots or videos posted on Miitopia Central.

Information on display[edit]

Miitopia Central is not a private website. This means that any and all information posted on the wiki including the user pages are viewable by everyone.

Miitopia Central does not require the collection of personal information from its users. Even when creating an account, e-mail address and real name are considered optional. A user that makes an edit without logging in will be represented by their IP address, which is made public for this case only so that the edit can still be attributed to them. Create an account or do not edit at all if one does not want their IP address to be displayed in public. Whether one wants to display personal information or not depends on the user, but it falls on their own responsibility. However, if a user posted personal information displayed on Miitopia Central but requests to have it removed, Miitopia Central will help out in removing it.


Miitopia Central's content is displayed with the assumption that the reader has known the full story and post-game content of Miitopia. Because of this, the wiki contains spoilers. If you do not want to have any story detail spoiled to you, please refrain from reading through Miitopia Central until your playthrough is finished.

Datamined game content[edit]

While much of the data from the game copy can be pulled in order to get a more accurate information, some may require further data interpretation to better understand it, which is helped by the existence of the public Miitopia datamine by @PibPasquale, @Kobazco, and @UglyFrenchFry. This means that in general, you may assume some internal data mentioned on the articles can be traced back to this datamine's interpretation, even if the data can also be examined personally using your own copy of Miitopia and the right tools to look into its files and then do the data interpretation yourself.